Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A taste of Espresso thy Art - Chicago

Featutured Vendor at the Indie Jubilee...

Living in Chicago you have your share of cafes to hang out and wind down. Sometimes these dives become a bit crowded and the level of noise is turned so high you cannot seem to concentrate on your studies or have an intimate chat with that special friend of yours. As much as I love our local Starbucks, I sometimes avoid the jam packed venue and hop on over to my favorite mom and pop cafe called Espresso Thy Art - now that is my kind of coffee! The ambience is quiet, serene, and the owners are very personable. One of my favorite coffee shops that I recently frequent - located in the NorthCenter area off  Irving Park and Damen.

Espresso Thy Art Café, owned by Rossana Reformado, Marissa McCormack and Virginia Castro, opened its doors in May in the space once occupied by Balingit Bakery. With their first summer behind them, the business is on its way. It’s a venture that would make their father, owner of Balingit Bakery, proud. Rossana, the resident artist, explained, “He wanted to retire and suggested I use the space as a gallery but I really wasn’t comfortable taking on a gallery. So we came up with the concept of a café that showcases the work of local artists. “

Visit this shop and just hang out for a few hours, the coffee tastes just as good as Starbucks, but the art, sandwiches, and filipino pastries are also worth the stay! If you won't be in the city anytime soon you can mingle with them at the Indie Jubilee. See you there!


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