Sunday, June 13, 2010

26 days and counting....

Don't hesitate, Let's conjugate... ADMISSION IS FREE at the Indie Jubilee ! Bebot Squad, an Etsy street team, is proud to host our First Annual Event and we have only 26 days until the doors open at the Morton Grove American Legion !

We know there's some curiosity stirring up in that lil head of yours. Quit being curious and hang out with us as you will be experiencing "a twist of cultural craft"
. We compiled together a group of artists and small business owners that will showcase their talents with handmade goods, services, sweet confections, and plenty more. These are one of a kind items that you will not see anywhere else except here!

As the day draws near, we will be featuring a different shop on our blog in the hopes you come out to support! Get ready for a few other surprises that we have to offer! In the meantime, receive RSS feeds from our site, regarding the Indie Jubilee! See you there!



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