Monday, June 28, 2010

A Special Thank You to Dona Ana - Her Creative Inspirations in Spanglish...

A special Thank You to Janelle from Dona Ana. Along with the rest of the generous indie bloggers out there, you have not only helped me spread the word about Indie Jubilee but you have inspired me to continue to make every attempt to update my blogs with whimsical, fun, inspirational items and stories/entries that my readers would appreciate!

Here is a mini bio of Janelle from Dona Ana. 
After livin’ la military life for 7 years with her hubby, they settled in dusty ol’ Oklahoma. Graduated college with a BFA in Graphic Design, and got an adult job as an in-house designer for the arts & crafts retail giant Hobby Lobby. But even though  she enjoyed her job, she still had the itch to express her creativity in other outlets. This gave way to her blog where she showcase some of her original illustrations inspired after her Latin upbringing and the many little stories and sayings from her lovable abuelita Ana. Feel free to peruse Janelle's work & her blog is full of inspirational items & places. 

Gracias Janelle !! Just simply click on her logo up top and follow her blogs, you'll be amazed by some of her inspirations !!


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  1. thank you so much, your so welcome! Any news please email me, would love to do more posts of this awesome event!


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