Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yummy Yummy Pastries will be in the house!!

About JOY: This all started when The Mom started making homemade bake goods from the Philippines.  When The Mom decided to move to California with the rest of the Filipinos, Joy started to miss Mom's home- cooked meals and pastries. Joy started baking and cooking slowly until she had a cookbook full of recipes that reminded her of her childhood.  As she started to learn the various recipes, friends and family requested a variety of bake goods they had when her Mom was around.  Joy is in currently in the process of starting her own catering company while baking up new recipes at the same time.  In the process of planning, she experiments and learns new things from her mistakes.  Joy believes the best way be successful is by going on misadventures .  Each error gets you closer to the perfect bite.  She has been intrigued by all different cuisines and each once influences her one way or another.
Stop by her booth to fill your sweet cravings - I know WE will ! 

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