Sunday, May 30, 2010

Make it a pool party at the Indie Jubilee

Need to figure out what to do Saturday, July 10, 2010?
Think no more, kill two birds with one stone by bringing your whole family with you!
  • Take a stroll at the Indie Jubilee (FREE ADMISSION) to pick up a few things, explore something new, and enjoy some entertainment. Then....
  • Walk a couple hundred feet across the parking lot (literally) to cool off at the Harrer Park Pool!
Morton Grove residents get a discount but the place is definitely open to the public!
So pack up your car and make it a day at the Morton Grove American Legion so the whole family can enjoy!

Harrer pool fees and seasonal passes
6250 Dempster St.
3 and under FREE
Weekend Child (ages 4-13) Resident $5.00/Non Resident $10.00

Weekend Adult (14 years and up) Resident $7.00/Non Resident $14.00


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